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Preparing to say goodbye to Milo….



this morning I went to Riccarton Market with the aim to find a tea cup, and this is what I came home with. I love the retro look and the blue and white colour scheme. so now I can phase out my sugar laden milo (hot chocolate) and replace it with tea.




I brought this tin of tea back from London last year and havent opened it yet. now i have a cup and a strainer as its loose tea leaves, I can now give the tea a go. I used to have sugar in my tea so this will be the first time without it. lets hope the cup doesnt break with the first splash of hot water!!.

and now for something more awwww…..


furbaby seems to have had a run in with a neighbourhood tom. he required stitches in 2 paws and has to wear this cone for about 2 weeks. bless him, he is such a good boy with it. he comes to me so i can scratch him behind the ears and he stays close. he also isnt allowed out and is managing well with using ‘indoor facilities’!!.


a little bit giddy with excitement!.



P1110950 P1110951

I’ve got my first piece of furniture that I can paint – eventually!!.

I was dropping off some of my mothers things at a local charity store and it turned out to be more a home ware store, so I decided to have a quick nosey, while my mother sat in the car outside!!. Most of the furniture was MDF type stuff, but sitting there amongst it all was this little beauty. Solid wood, dovetail joints, 1940’s or 50’s, and half the price of all the cheaply made stuff. So I brought it!. It started out life as a dressing table as you can see where the uprights the held the mirror was – nothing some sanding and paint wont hide.

I will paint it, but not for a while. I’m thinking some funky colour and sat between two armchairs in the living room. Or a soft colour and used as a bedside table. Time will tell!. BTW, the front isn’t as mottled as the photos suggest, I think it was just the lighting in the room at the time I took the photos.

For now, it’ll hold my wool and material stash!.

**Dont forget the cross stitch give away mentioned in the previous post. It’s open to anyone and the closing date is next tuesday morning NZ time, mon evening UK time.


New treasures


On friday I ventured to another charity shop. I’d past it several times but not stopped. It’s next to a library, so I decided to visit that since I’ve pretty much exhausted the local library. I found some interesting books to borrow and then went next door.

For CHCH peeps, its St Vincent de Paul on Langdons Rd.

They have a large selection of clothing, as well as some homeware items. I managed to come home with two items!

P1110935 P1110936

I love the platter – very 1960’s and turquoise and pink. The other is a cut glass butter dish.

Anyone else found any fun things in the charity stores?. I miss the op shop show off, being able to see all the wonderful finds!.

Can I also thanks those that have commented on the pizza dough post and given me links to recipes to try – I will be trying them!!.

a small twig for the future nest.


today i took a drive to the eastern side of Christchurch, to visit the Tannery. this is a boutique type shopping centre that has been built within the walls of an old tannery premises. its a great place. my favourite needlework shop has relocated there. i had a wander round, found some lovely but well out of my price range paintings in an art gallery!. i had a small list of speciality threads which i managed to get, as well as a recommended picture framer for my neighbourhood project.

along the way, both there and back, i spied a couple of antique shops and some more op/charity shops. i’d taken a roundabout route to avoid some of the roadworks through the centre of the city and was thrill to discover an antique shop i used to pop into often is still there – for some reason i thought it was destroyed in the earthquake.

i called into one antique shop, which i had been into last week, to see if a shelf i had seen was still there or not. last week i didnt have enough money to get it as well as the things i brought, and i knew i’d be going to the Tannery and therefore past this shop, so i figured if it was still there today i’d get it. it was, and still in the same place!.

so, this is something for my future home. eventually i will paint it but i will leave that til i actually have a home and can think of those sorts of things.

apologies, the first photo is a smidge blurry. its not attached to the wall, so i have some books under the right hand side should it lean at all.


i did a little bit of styling!. these salt and pepper shakers i picked up last week at the same place. they are just so cheerful!.


adding a few more bits to the upper portion = reindeer by Cath Kidson from London, the silver plate S&P shakers from the swap i was in late last year, and a ceramic pot i brought down in Wanaka. i have no plans to collect S&P shakers – truly!.



now, i just need a wall to hang it on!.

treasures and crafting.


while i was in Wanaka, i took a walk down the main shopping street. i came across a charity shop and headed inside. what a lovely surprise. so far in CHCH i’ve only found charity shops with clothing, no homewares to speak of. in Wanaka the shop had everything and plenty of everything. i spent a good while poking through the homeware section and ended up leaving with 2 items!.

this flannel sheet, billed as a double, but i’m not convinced. however, it was $3 and in great condition!.


this caught my eye and i spent the entire time in the store walking round with it under my arm incase someone else picked it up while i was deciding if it was worth $10!. i decided it was. its the best part of 12″ tall and has ‘Eastman Kodak Co, R0chester NY’ on it. from the days when photos had to developed in a dark room with chemicals. it will make a good vase as well as add to my collection of glass.


Back in CHCH, i was running some errands with my father when we passed a RSA market. the RSA is Returned Services Association, doing good for all our servicemen and women. so we stopped and i picked up this very pretty pair of sheets for $2. again in great clean condition. wished i’d gone over the rest of the pile better!.


on the crafting front, i haven’t gone back to the Christmas ornament per month stuff yet. i will catch up once i finish the neighbourhood. i’ve started the hexis for my new crochet blanket. now the rugby season has started here and in the evenings, i can get about 6 or 7 of these made per game. its slow going cos i have to keep checking the counting and fend off a ginger furbaby who thinks wool is fun!. the first F1 GP ended up being too interesting for me to crochet, but in future i’ll get plenty done during a race as well.



i would say the neighbourhood is 85% complete now. i finished the last house at the weekend. no more 712( the framing for the windows – may have the number wrong!) on light fabric – arrgh!. i have another woman, tree and bird i think, to complete on the left part of the top row, then the remaining border. i should be able to get this done by my self imposed deadline of the end of March. the red house looks wonky in this picture, but it isnt really – its just cos of the way i’ve had the fabric folded as i stitch.




i hope all my northern hemisphere friends are beginning to feel the effects of spring – more sunshine and the temperatures rising! (as we begin to feel the effects of autumn!). i loved noticing the light change when i lived in London, as well as seeing all the bulbs beginning to poke their heads thru the ground.

Queensland car boot sale!


Continuing my new tradition of finding flea markets/car boot sales/charity stores for unique treasures from my travels, my sister and I went to the local car boot sale in her Gold Coast suburb.

it was a decent size gathering, but very little of the types of things I’d look for. That would be vintage items!. I found one stall and brought 3 items from her. She knocked $3 off the total as well!.

i got 2 small glass jugs, combining my love of jugs and glass in one item = bonus, and a metal scoop that had no signs of rust. Nice small objects that will fit in the suitcase easily ( along with the Ikea goodies and Kaisercraft bits and pieces!)





I’ll be sharing with the folks joining up with the Op Shop Show Off once that goes live and I can figure out how to do the links on my iPad. If this post goes wonky it’s cos I haven’t done it on the iPad before!

one more week of this…..


…….then it’s back home to NZ.

wait for one, two come along…..bit like London buses!


on my last trip to Riccarton Market, i spied a blue Ball mason jar from America. Pinterest and blogland is awash with them in various art and craft projects, and i rather fancied one myself. so i was thrilled to spot one. however it was a little more than i was wanting to pay, so i walked away and continued my trip the market.

but i kept thinking about it, and didnt spot anything else to fire my imagination, so i went back for it. i converted the $ to £ and realised it wasnt that bad a price to pay ( i still have to work in £ to decide if i’m getting a bargin or not!). i brought it!. then on the last aisle before i left i spied another one!. my heart raced a little cos the stall was full of people and i wanted it!!. i got it. it is smaller and cheaper than the first and i thought i should have just waited til i had been round the whole market, cos then i could have just got this one.

once at home and a little research later i’m thrilled i brought the bigger one first, or i would have missed out on a gem!.


the one of the left is a modern version brought out to commemorate 100yrs of Ball jars, or something along those lines.

the one of the right was manufactured between 1910 and 1923!. i did some research into the jars, and found you can tell the age by the way the Ball is scripted on the jar ( website i used). i also read there are alot of fakes coming out of China and the best way to tell a fake is by weight – the fakes are light to pick up like the new modern jars. my jar is quite heavy, so i’m pretty sure its genuine. i love the shape, the colour and the fact its old!. it has one chip on one of the rings of the screw threads at the top and i’m curious as to how such a thing made its way to NZ. has it been here for 100 yrs, or did someone buy it on a trip to the USA and then decided they didnt want it anymore!. i’m pleased they didnt, i’ll love it and it will do double duty as a thing of beauty and a vase!.

the small one will go away in a cupboard and be used for its intended purpose!.

i’m sharing with like minded folk over at the Op Shop Show Off on Blackbird has Spoken