2015 Reading Challenge update


oh dear oh dear!

another month has passed by!.

well, here is my next instalment for the 2015 reading challenge. these 2 books bring the total read this year to 13!. I knew trying to read 30 would be a challenge in itself!. still all my reading so far this year has been based on the challenge list, and I’ve enjoyed looking for books that fit the prompts!.

first up is Husbands, by Adele Parks –


I’ve always enjoyed her books, and I’ve had this one for ages, bringing it back from the UK with me!.it tells the story through the eyes of the 4 main characters which I really enjoyed – I like hearing the other persons take on something. It was a nice easy read and I was chomping at the bit to find out how it ended!. I give this a thumbs up!.

Husbands ticks off the one word title category!.

Next is the book for an author with the same initials as you –


I found it fun looking for this!. I headed to the library, went to the P’s and then just read spine after to spine to find an R P. I actually worked backwards along the shelf!. This was the first book I came to and on reading the back cover felt I would enjoy this so got it out. I didn’t bother looking for a back up! I was right, I really liked this story and was dying to see how it ended for all the main characters. I’d not heard of this author before, although the book was published in 2003 I think. If I was at a loss for something to read ( will never happen, given the number of unread books I currently own!), I would certainly look at other books by the same author.

I’ve got the next book lined up, then will need to fill a gap while I wait for the 4th book in the Deborah Challinor series to come out, which should be early Nov I hope.

I have now unpacked all the books I own! Found a few I’d forgotten about and smiled at a few favourites. I recently brought a new book by an author I’d read before called Sara Donati. In this new book it had a list of a series she’d written, of which I’d read the first 2. I turns out there are 6 in that series, so I intend, over time to get the other 4 as I loved the first 2.

ok, so that’s me for now!.

the garden is coming to life, so I should !!!!! be able to have a few more interesting post up sooner, rather than later. I’ve also started a ‘fauxbonichi’, but I havent decided how much I’ll share of that yet!.


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  1. Thanks for the book recommendations! I appreciate your comments on my blog. I’d love it if you continued to read! 🙂 Stop over any time.

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