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Ballerina Mural


I’ve known since the summer there was a large mural on the back wall of a damaged building in the centre of town. it is of a ballerina and looked amazing in the few photos I’d seen of it. I decided I wanted to see it for myself so I pottered out to look and photograph it recently.

I was heading for the street it faced, but found I couldn’t access the street from the one I was in. so after a few trips round a few blocks thanks to road closures I ended up next the Edmonds Band Rotunda, which ended up being the perfect spot to get some good photos.

P1120064 P1120065

I think its an amazing piece of work and I’m glad I saw it first hand before its lost behind new buildings.

we’re having unseasonably warm weather today and I noticed this little fellow looking for food. being out of wack with seasonal stuff here still, I’m not sure it we should be seeing monach butterflies yet!. it was very pretty tho!.






not alot else going at the moment – pottering in the garden, getting it ready for spring, bit of stitching, reading and being the general dogs body!.


Book Review :: Toxin Toxout


I read a book recently!. and I thought I’d share my thoughts on it, since the subject is what set me on the path to wanting to live a self reliant lifestyle.

the book is called Toxin Toxout, by Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith. they are the authors of Slow Death by Rubber Duck, a book I haven’t read, but was aware of.

in this book they talk about how we can get rid of the toxins that are in a lot of the foods and products we use and consume in our everyday lives.

I found the book interesting and enjoyed the easy going nature of the authors. I am now tempted to read Slow Death, but since this is the follow up book, I wont rush out for it, but rather wait until I spy it at the library. it goes over some of the information in Slow Death, and then talks about all the ways we can let those nasty toxins out of our body. and lets face it, we don’t want them there in the first place since they disrupt our hormones, the way our body functions and slowly making us sick. the book gets a little hard going in places, if you aren’t into chemistry like me- trying to pronounce some of those names!, but it’s well worth wading thru in order to understand what’s really happening.

reading this reminded me why I first started looking into a more natural way of life and has me now looking for home made deodorant recipes!.

I think we all need to read about this kind of thing – manufacturers use any synthetic ingredient they desire with little regard to our well being or that of the environment. we are not going to be able to sustain this for long without serious consequences. for many years consumers were unaware of the harm these products were causing us, but now we know, and as consumers we have to vote with our wallets and not buy toxin laden items, just because they are cheaper. they might be helping your wallet, but that’s about all!.

Toxin Toxout is a book everyone should read if they care at all about their own health and well being, and especially if they have children. I might have lost a few jobs if I known half this stuff when I was nannying!.

kinda related to this is an advertisement running in NZ at the moment. one toilet paper company has introduced the concept of using wet wipes after toilet paper – I cringe every time I see it – more chemicals on our body, more stuff going down the drain potentially harming the environment. crikey!, we’ve survived on loo paper for years, we don’t need wet wipes as well!

hibernating, gardening and cats!.


I guess as winter approaches I should put out a hibernation warning with decreased posting!. seems at the moment I have very little that’s interesting to share!. in between dealing with my mother, I stitch, read, work on my upcoming business or watch live sport. 7-0 = who’d have thought that!!. ( football world cup!)

I have 2 new edibles for the self sufficient garden – some garlic and a mandarin!. slowly but surely things arrive. I also discovered this week there is a seed saving group here in CHCH and I’m hoping to join that and be able to swap for heirloom seeds. I’m still waiting to hear back from them.

P1120035 P1120032

we’ve had a few days of lovely sunshine this week and the sun worshipper of the family has been in seventh heaven!

P1120031 P1120037


I have checked in with the colour of summer prompts, but since week 2 haven’t been able to participate since I wont buy anything for it!. I think it might be the last week tomorrow, if not, its the second to last week!.

I have photos printed to do a spread for May and June for my Project Life album – just need to crack on with it!.

after a couple of milder nights, its back to below zero tonight – I can’t wait for the warmth to arrive. I miss the radiators found in every UK  home!.

well I never!!.


Macarons = always thought I’d hate them as their principal ingredient is almond meal. it is an understatement to say I hate almonds and their flavour in anything. I will avoid recipes with almond in them, even if it’s a tiny amount!. so when the macaron craze swept the world I ignored it. Even in Geneva last year I didn’t bother to go into a famous shop selling them – there was no point, I wasn’t going to eat one!. coupled with the fact them seem extremely pricey for such a small thing!.

So this week I took my mother to her dressmaker and in the row of shops is a macaron shop. mother suggested we get some. I said nah!. she said why?. I said almond meal = disgusting!. she said you can’t taste it. Hmmmmm……**insert thinking smillie**

she brought some and home we trotted!.

well I never……


she was right (don’t tell her I said that!). delicious!. we shared the flavours out between her, dad and I so we got to try a variety of flavours. I found a couple quite sickly, I’m sure on account of the reduced sugar intake now.

today I had to pick up the tailouring that was done so popped into the shop and got another wee box full!. after this I’ll be good again, with regard to sugar intake.

P1120026 - Copy

L-R after dinner mint, blackcurrant, and salted caramel. ADM = devine!, havent tried blackcurrant yet, salted caramel was sickly, but mum likes it!.

P1120027 - Copy


I’m not ready to allow almond meal into the kitchen, but I will admit macarons are delicious!.

in other news = cross stitch continues, as does hexis for the blanket. last weeks colour for SOC2014 didnt work for me – i liked the combo, but didnt have any supplies to match, so didnt join in. this weeks combo is nice, but i’m not sure if i have supplies.

being as its the 4th of July here in NZ tomorrow, may I wish my American readers a Happy 4th of July. I shall be watching the live baseball games on ESPN on saturday morning my time ( friday evening USA time!).